Technology Credit Union

The primary article under this heading is devoted to a dialogue of the influence of technology upon society and of circumstances affecting technological change; the second article focuses upon the affect of technology upon worldwide relations. As the importance of quantitative options of technologies, whether or not they’re culturally express or not, has develop into clearer, there have been increasing efforts to acquire such knowledge by discipline staff fascinated with financial anthropology, cultural ecology, nutrition, housing, consumption, and small-scale trade, and by students of the prehistory and historical past of technology.

A variety of current developments in economics, significantly within the areas of activity and course of evaluation, programming, and input-output evaluation, are making this lack of knowledge much more acute (see Cowles Fee 1951; Koopmans 1957; Manne & Markowitz 1963; Dorfman et al. 1958; Chenery & Clark 1959). This accentuates the importance of distinguishing major steps within the means … Read More

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