What’s Thought of Technology?

The primary article below this heading is dedicated to a discussion of the impression of technology upon society and of situations affecting technological change; the second article focuses upon the influence of technology upon international relations. For a start it runs into severe issues of chronology: in the words of G. N. von Tunzelman, “if the Industrial Revolution was to be dated from around 1760, as Toynbee believed, then the Watt engine can hardly have triggered off industrialization, since it was not being marketed commercially till the mid-1770s.” Even where there is a clear temporal correlation between expanded output and technical change, as in cotton and within the period 1760-1800, the causal relations are by no means apparent.

Shortly earlier than and through World Warfare II the Soviet authorities arrange analysis institutes for science and technology that later enabled the Soviet Union —with international, mainly German—help, to change into a … Read More

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